Surviving the Hustling Hip Hop Music Internship

All his life, Jason Geter has always had to work that you might as well attach adopt drudgery as his middle name. The difference between him and those who worked hard but failed to get their feet up the ground was a sound business model and the determination to pursue those plans.

At 10 or 11, in his hometown boys his age compete to shovel snow off neighbour's front yards for a fee. Instead of waking up earlier than most, he came up with a plan: he offered discount rates to his neighbors way before winter. He ended being the richest kid in their neighborhood.

In only his 12th grade, he applied and was accepted in the internship program of the U.S. record label Arista. Although he wasn't paid a nickel for his efforts, a little detail that has been a major bone of confusion for his friends, but he learned the business first-hand by unintentionally overhearing conversations or read an important memo when ordered to fax a paper. Still unintentional, of course.

He then moved on to gain a hip hop music internship at Patchwerk Studios. DJ Toomp talked about how he always walked in on Jason Geter, his face was always buried on his books. They got to talking and soon DJ Toomp realized the inner drive of his newfound friend. A hustler's instinct, and that description was made in a very complimentary manner.

Nobody may know the name Jason Geter outside of the music industry but he's the manager of hip hop superstar Tip Harris, known by his screen name T.I.

His story illustrates how hard work and maybe a certain amount of luck are material factors that can spell the realization of a dream. Although the road he treaded straightforward, not many people can achieve his level of success without a certain amount of hustle and some solid hip hop music internship.

In hip hop and urban music, recording artists talk of hustle in order to survive the challenges in the streets-such as gangs, drugs, violence-and enable them to get out of the hood and into the life of prosperity they presently enjoy.

Hustle is also attitude. Being a go-getter gives the intern almost the license to bend, definitely not break, the rules in order to get what he or she wants. Remember when Jason Geter gave out discount coupons to his neighbors when he was just a kid? That's the very definition of a go-getter. Today, when old friends bump into him, they are not at all surprised by how far he'd gone.

When edginess and violence seemed to be the norm to earn street cred, the life of one in the hip hop music internship scene is not easy. It's highly unlikely that an intern strikes the same amount of luck as Jason Geter did. But there are independent online music entrepreneurial services that give the dreamers following a rigid hip hop music internship the power to immediately record, design and market a CD or track online. They don't even have to apply, they just need to register.

The keyword here is independence, in the literal and metaphysical sense. Free from the shackles of a major record label, and thus the constriction of the bureaucracy, the small operation proves that hip hop music internship is an opportunity for interns to produce a hip hop album and let their creative juices flow and unleash their inner hustle.

Gain Experience Through an Environmental Internship

For anyone looking to obtain experience in a green career, consider participating in an environmental internship to build up your resume. Environmental internships prove to be helpful for students still enrolled in college to the seasoned worker looking to transition to a different career. Many careers in the green field require experts with degrees in chemistry, engineering, biology, and other related disciplines. Adding experience obtained in an internship greatly improves your chances of landing a job.

By participating in an environmental internship, you increase your chances of getting hired through the company for which you completed your placement. Many businesses believe that since they are the ones that introduced and educated you further in their industry, they should be the ones to hire you when your internship is completed. It is a great opportunity to show management a true depiction of your skill level and professional expertise.

Green industry areas where you could find possible internships include air quality, clean technology (wind, solar, and thermal energy jobs), wildlife preservation, and nature conservation. The renewable energy industry is thriving and you can find many opportunities where internships lead to an actual position upon completion. This is the best time to lay the track work to creating a working network and build invaluable experience in an area that is sure to grow with time.

AlternativePowerCareers also recommends attending any green energy training course. There are many government grants from which participants can attend at little to no fee. If your interest in the renewable energy field is serious, it's a great way to explore the many employment possibilities before committing to any environmental internship.

With green careers on the rise, and the many government sponsored environment jobs now available, the market is yours for the taking. Get the experience now and become a top competitor for positions that some can only dream about.

3 Qualities Necessary to Earn an Internship in Sports

When trying to earn a degree in your field of interest, it is almost essential to earn an internship first. This, however, is not always an easy ordeal. Earning an internship is like trying to get a job. It can be a very competitive market, and there may only be a few positions available at a time. While trying to earn an internship, try and pay attention to all of the qualities that the companies are looking for. If you follow these qualities, it could make the difference between you and the next person. This is important advice for any field of work. Most internships will mention that they want you to be a motivated individual who is respectful and able to multitask. However, I feel that the three top qualities required by most of the internships I found in the state of Massachusetts were good communication skills, good technological skills, and the ability to adapt to the environment and work in teams.

While working in a business environment, it is extremely important to have good communication skills. Without the ability to communicate, it would merely be impossible to complete everyday tasks. This is the same for the sports industry. If you are someone who possesses good communication skills, it will be easier for co-workers to work with you in order to make deadlines and complete tasks. It could also potentially make other employees turn to you as a leader. Another reason why communication is essential is because it makes it easier to network yourself. If you are a good communicator, people will generally remember you. This will help broaden your career choices.

Another skill that is important to have in order to earn an internship in sports is good technological skills. While working for a business, it is not uncommon for them to ask you to complete tasks using some type of software. Many sports industries conduct surveys on the fans that attend their events. After the surveys are conducted, they are often turned into spread sheets. For this reason, and many others, it is important to know how to use such programs as Microsoft Word and Excel. Another reason that it is important to have good technological skills is because it is essential to be able to conduct good presentations. It definitely helps to know how to use such software as Power Point and other presentation tools to enhance your presentations.

A third skill that is important to have in order to earn an internship in sports is the ability to adapt to your environment. This can include changing jobs, working in teams, and changing tasks. Managers look for people who are dependable. People who can be placed in any work setting and succeed. You should work on being able to complete any task so that people can depend on you. It is also important to be able to work in teams. There will often be tasks that will require the work of teams. Many minds are better than one mind, so the better you are at working in teams, the better. If you are someone who can multitask, work in teams, and adapt to your environment, you are on your way to becoming successful in whatever you partake in.

After conducting this research on potential Massachusetts internships, I feel as though I have a strong grasp on what it takes to be successful in the sports industry. All of these qualities are important to have no matter what industry you are trying to go in to. Companies look for well-rounded individuals who possess important qualities that will make them an asset to the company. I hope that after reading this article, you will have somewhat of a better understanding for what it takes to earn your dream internship in the sports industry.

Unpaid Internships: Free Markets Rule or Employers, Get Real

Last week, on the heels of an important article in the NY Times about unpaid internships, we wrote a blog post that tackled some of the meaty issues surrounding this trend. We talked about the importance of providing mentorship and learning opportunities for interns, encouraged employers to be realistic about their needs and hire accordingly. We received a lot of great responses and comments to the post, many from folks who though that in all instances, interns deserve to be paid.

However, after looking at this month's Trend and Insight Report and noting that the percentage of unpaid internships rose in March, we find ourselves wondering if this sentiment is really widespread when it comes to unpaid interns, or is it the perspective of a vocal minority?

Hey, we don't place judgment. We think there's huge value in both paid and unpaid positions and think that there's room in the employment universe for both. It just struck us as a notable comparison that at the same time there's buzz about unpaid positions, the stats indicate these are exactly the kind of hires employers want to make.

What does this mean? Well, it could mean a couple of things.

For one, it could indicate that employers are truly willing to provide valuable skills and training in exchange for some free labor. And given the tough economy, this bargain seems acceptable to job seekers. Taken a step further, this would indicate that the discussion around the "unfairness" of unpaid internships is almost without merit if there's a healthy quid pro quo in the relationship (extreme situations aside). If, as an employer, you don't keep an unpaid position interesting, good luck to you in retaining talent. In other words, the free market will regulate the worth of unpaid positions.

Alternatively, it could mean that employers don't have realistic expectations about what would make someone want to work for free. We know- you're an awesome startup. You have great founders, tons of energy and can provide a real opportunity to gain hands on experience. Same is true for us, and probably most of the people reading this post. But that still doesn't mean someone is going to want to make 500 sales calls a day for free. And why should they, unless you're dedicated to teaching that intern how to be the BEST salesperson that ever lived.

So which is it- free markets rule or employers, get real? You tell us.

What to Expect From a College Internship

One of the most rewarding experiences while in college can be an internship. These are intended to help college students obtain the skills and knowledge they need to compete in the job market and later in their career field once they earn their degree. You can learn a lot from the right college internship, but others can be nothing more than resume fillers.

College students often make the mistake of believing that their goal throughout college should be to build a strong-looking resume. While a resume that contains internships, jobs, club affiliations and other impressive aspects will likely catch the attention of an interviewer, showing that there is substance to what you've done in your two, four, etc. years in college is just as important, if not more so.

During an interview, an interviewer will do more than read your resume while you sit idly by. You'll obviously be expected to engage and discuss the different portions of your resume from your education to your work experience. If you have something to discuss from an internship, you'll be in much better shape than if all you can talk about is the proper temperature for making coffee and how to avoid paper cuts while filing papers.

So when you're considering college internships, you should expect the internship to give you the opportunity to develop your skills and procure knowledge of the real world. One of the most important skills to develop is people skills and one of the best way to do so is to interact with customers. If your internship puts you out in the field, interacting with customers and other coworkers, you'll be able to work on your people skills.

You should also expect your college internship to be hands-on. There are exceptions, but for the most part, the most rewarding internship experiences are those in which you are challenged and engaged on a daily basis. This often results in a more enjoyable experience as well, which usually gets better results. Start looking for an internship early so you can take your time in finding and choosing one that you will enjoy and will allow you to develop your skills.

Paralegal School Internship Programs

Paralegal school internship programs are an integral part of the education for this professional career in the field of law. Many paralegal jobs require a two-year associate's degree, although there are also many entry level paralegal jobs that only require the completion of a one-year certificate program. The most career doors are open to those who have a four-year bachelor's degree, particularly in a related field, such as criminal justice. Whatever educational path you take, though, the internship program will be a huge benefit in terms of standing out from the competition and preparing to hit the ground running once you get the job.

What to Expect from an Internship Program
A paralegal school internship program is not a degree, so it does not have curriculum. It is sometimes a required part of a degree or certificate program, but many paralegal students choose to complete an internship program during school or shortly after graduation, even if they aren't required. This is hugely beneficial once the graduate joins the job market, because so many paralegal programs require previous experience. An internship provides that necessary experience to help get your foot in the door.

During an internship program, the paralegal student will actually work in a law firm, government office, courthouse or legal department of a company or nonprofit organization. If you get into one of these internship programs, either through your school or on your own, you will put all your education and training to practice as you analyze cold cases, perform research and interview clients. Interns may also be responsible for drafting documents and performing other important tasks as part of a legal team. Sure, some interns also have to do things like fetching coffee, answering phones and making copies, but this is more of a rarity than a rule.

If you are a current student considering one of these paralegal school internship programs, you may be interested to know that the American Bar Association Guidelines call for all paralegal students to complete an internship if they are to be certified by the ABA. So, even if your school doesn't require an internship, it's important to complete this step. It is also important as a personal development step. You will feel so much more ready to start your new career if you've had hands-on experience beforehand. Some programs even pay a small salary or turn into paying jobs once completed. It's definitely worth the time and effort you'll put in.

Top Three Qualities to Getting a Sport Internship

An intern is one who works in a temporary position with an emphasis on job training rather than employment. Receiving an internship in the sports industry can really put you in the right direction to finding, and living your dream job in the sports world in the near future. An internship with a company/organization allows you to gain job experience. Also an internship can help you find out what steps it takes to run a specific company/organization. When preparing for a Sport Internship be well aware of these top three qualities that will guide and allow you to pursue a career that is most interesting to you in the sports industry.

Communication skills are the most important skills to take with you when going for a Sport Internship.

Communication is the key to success in many businesses, in order for a company or organization to run smoothly, proper communication through employees and managers is a must. Whether it be through word of mouth or just a simple email to a co worker, communication allows the business to flow and operate properly. Through feedback we also learn a lot about ourselves and if we are getting the job done right. For instance, if a co worker is having a hard time, it would be acceptable for you to pull them aside and let them know what they can do next time to better themselves and the company/organization. You must be able to offer crisp, verbal or written communication skills when looking for a particular internship in the sports industry.

Second quality it takes to gaining a Sport Internship is having the ability to be a "team player". The ability to work with others in a professional manner to get objectives done in a timely fashion is one of the best qualities one can possess when looking for an Sport Internship. Your personal ability to adapt to others and work with them hands on will allow you to reach your goals within the certain organization. With my prior knowledge of working with a professional organization, I know there is no I in team. Sport Organizations work under team atmospheres and rely on groups of individuals to get the job done right together. One person can not run an entire organization. It takes help from everyone in that organization to offer ideas and believe in what is best for the organization. Doing your part and what is best for the team matters the most and will be key to success in any sport organization or company you intern with.

The third and final quality is a positive attitude. The ability to be energetic and enthusiastic about your work on a day in and day out schedule will allow you to attain a Sport Internship. Your personality and approach to certain tasks will be highly evaluated by a company or organization. Bringing a positive attitude with you each day to work is a necessity in working for any sport organization. No matter what's going on in your personal life, you allow yourself to leave those problems or matters at the door each and every day. In the sports world you need to bring your passion to the table. In a highly competitive sports market your passion will lead you as far as you want to go. Sports has always been a passion filled environment, whether your working for the team or playing for the team if you can possess that ability to be passionate about your surroundings you better yourself from the competition day in and day out.

If can learn to possess these 3 top qualities in a professional manner it will be a stepping stone to becoming a great intern and also individual. Through communication, teamwork, and a positive attitude you have some of the top qualities it takes to get yourself into the sports industry. Through gaining hands on experience with your company/organization you have bettered yourself from the competitive sport management field and have set your self apart from others. You must remember to be patient and acceptable to your organization. Always be willing to go that extra mile for your company/organization because they do take notice. Last but not least lay yourself on the line and work to the best of your ability. If you follow these important steps and take pride in these three qualities you will have no trouble finding an internship that suits you.

How to Score an Internship

An internship is a great way to get a jumpstart on your dream job. Breaking into competitive job markets is tough. Lots of people want jobs in fields like the music or movie business, fashion, advertising and publishing. Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door.

So What Is An Internship?

An internship is a temporary position that provides on the job training. Some internships are paid, but many are not. The upside is that many companies hire their interns once their apprenticeship is finished. Internships can last anywhere from a few months to a few years, with the idea that you will gain valuable work experience and meet people who can help you get a job afterward.

How To Find Internships

To find an internship, first decide what kind of career you'd like to gain experience in. For example, if you'd like to work in publishing, think about which magazines you like, then check out their websites to see if they have internship programs. If you want to work in fashion, research local designers. Don't forget about checking with your teachers-your school may also have internship programs set up with local businesses. Employers love interns because they're inexpensive and often do the work other employees don't like to do. You can find internships in almost any field.

What Does An Intern Do?

Depending on which field you enter, an intern can do everything from fetching the morning coffee to styling a photo shoot. But most of the time you'll get stuck doing the dirty work that needs to get done. Sometime the tasks you get assigned aren't as glam as you imagined. But just remember the valuable experience you're gaining. Everybody has to pay their dues before they can hit the big time!

7 Skills for a Sport Management Internship


One of the most important skills needed in today's workforce is communication so it should be obvious that it is an important aspect to be accepted in an internship. Today one of the most feared things amongst young adults is public speaking, but this is one of the necessary skills need for an interview. When communicating with an individual you have to be able o convey how you are feeling or what you want to say in a clear and easy way for another individual to understand. But other than you basic how to talk with another person with good English you must be able to do it confident. Most jobs today are people related, but especially in the sport world. Every day in the sport world you are around people, whether in public or behind a closed door: closed door being more important because you are in the public's eyes and will be criticized for any mistakes you could possibly make. This makes it crucial to be spoken with confidence at all times and with good English. Verbal communication is key skill but it is key to be able to network. Today the internet has become the main source for communication, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and many other social websites. These websites are the new way of communication and keeping up to date with them are a key factor in your communication abilities today.


In any working space it is important to be professional about everything. Work is work; it isn't a time to have fun with friends. Do not get me wrong, work should be enjoyable and you should want to go to work day to day but it should not be a place to hang out with friends. Professionalism is important at all times as well when working in the sport world because of how publicly seen everything is. It is not in all jobs where everything is seen on television (such as professional sports). You also never want to talk bad about your company or co-workers. Because in the end this is your job, everything you do represents you and the type of worker you are. You will need to use your company as past references and or want to work towards moving up in the company. Co-workers are just as important, these are the people you work with everyday and you should make it as comfortable as possible to be there for everyone. Your dress also should be professional at all times when working, because you do not only represent yourself, but you represent the company you work for. You should dress appropriate to the job you are doing at all times.


Self-motivation is probably one of the most important skills needed when applying for an internship and when working as an intern. You have to like what you do because this is what you wake up to every morning. You have to be self-motivated to be successful. When on an internship most companies do not pay, so you must self motivate yourself to work hard. A company does not want to hire someone who is lacking motivation, someone they have to watch over all the time and give busy work. Company's today are looking for that person who can work hard and be able to do it all on their own, someone they do not have to ask to do work. Self-motivation is important for an internship position, but also for a job because you have to be motivated in your field in order to be happy and successful.

Dependable & Responsible

Being dependable and responsible is an obvious thing but can be forgotten with today's fast pace society. An employer is looking for dependable individuals who can be held responsible. Company's do not want to hire an individual who is going to need another individual to help them it is not considerate, especially in today's society with the lacking amount of jobs available. They want people who can do their work without help, I am not saying it is bad to ask for help when needed but they do not want people who need someone to hold their hand through everything. Responsibility is a crucial! An employee should be responsible for their work and the work they are asked to do. They should be responsible for being on time (10 minutes before the time that is said to be "on time"). These small factors show the type of person you are, they are small but they are the things that are usually remembered. When looking for your internship or working as an intern you should always show that you are a responsible individual.

Strong Writing Abilities

With everything in today's society being for the most part on the internet it is a key factor for you to have strong writing capabilities. You must be able to write a paper in proper English. Many sport markets are also using the internet's social sites to produce their advertisements and they expect them to look professional, so you should be able to represent through your writing professionalism. This is also important when writing to co-workers, bosses and or a company itself. You should not use texting symbols when writing professionally. You must show your knowledge through your writing.

Positive Attitude

When looking for an internship, and when working as an intern, you should always try to have a positive attitude. Your attitude can change everything. You do not want to have a negative person on your work team it makes the job, less enjoyable. It is also brings in more customers when working in the sport world because a positive person is more enjoyable than a negative individual. Even when things go wrong you should try and look at the positive things and it might help solve the solution. Enjoy the job you do and you will be positive.


Even though you are looking for an internship and this does not mean you will be with the company forever, you should show interest. When interviewing individuals for an internship many companies want to see some form of loyalty towards the company meaning you will do your internship and you want to continue working for them for the next couple years after you have finished your internship. An internship is a way of training a possible employee; so many companies do not want to waste their time training an individual so they can go work for a competitor. Keeping a loyalty to a company can also mean that you show them respect, so if you do end up getting a job you don't take the spot then go quit two weeks later because a better offer comes around. Loyalty to a company can be a key in creating job opportunities and help you move up in the industry. Loyalty in the sporting community is also important because if you are working for a team and then go and support another team it is not very professional on your part and can in some cases make the company look bad. Loyalty is usually forgotten when moving up in your job, but it really should be. You should always remember where you started and how you became who you are in the present and be aware of where you would be without the people who helped you.