Improve Job Prospects With a Summer Internship

Summer internships can give you an even better experience when taken in another country as you get the added benefit of a different culture and are truly independent. Available to undergraduate, graduate students, and recent graduates, the summer months or just after you have completed your course are generally the times to go. Even if you're not intending to apply for a programme until next year it pays to find out as much information as you can now as there's a lot to be arranged, from applying to the company and the interview to organising the flights and accommodation, visas and work permits.

The simple fact you have been on an International internship programme is enough to make you stand out from other applicants when applying for a job, employers are impressed by those who have gone that extra mile and made an attempt to gain some valuable experience in the field they are qualifying in. They provide relevant work experience and hands on training which prepares you for future jobs and can also help you be 100% sure it's the right career path for you.

As well as gaining professional and personal experiences completing a programme also gives other advantages, such as raising salary prospects by as much as 20%, enhancing your resume and providing you with career skills that will differentiate you from the hundreds of others going for the same job. It can give you a foot in the door to achieving that dream job.

If you are interested in an international placement then the place to start looking is online, here you will find some of the best providers of first-class tailored options abroad. Fashion internships abroad, marketing, business, television or event planning are available as established providers have the contacts and know-how to make your wish come true and match you up with the best possible employers.

Choose the type of programme you are looking for such as a fashion or business in Paris, Rome, London or New York internships and read through the information they give. Some providers specialize in particular fields or destinations so it makes sense to do plenty of research beforehand, fashion students are always keen to go to New York due to the number of international leading fashion companies based there.

Excited already? That may be, but first you have to get accepted. Once you've found a reliable provider to organize it contact them for an initial discussion - be prepared to answer questions about your future goals and the career you are considering. From this starting point they'll help you put together a resume and cover letter specifically for the career field and country you have stated an interest in and inform you of placement opportunities that come up.

Global internships are a one time opportunity and a placement will give you experiences in a profession, the chance to immerse yourself in a different culture, as well as the chance to get another angle on the possibilities for the future.

Once the placement is over you have a letter of reference and can add the experience to your CV which will put you miles ahead of other applicants. You'll also have met many influential professionals and made important personal contacts and if applying for a job you stand a far better chance of getting it as employers are always interested in applicants who have work and life experiences and have worked abroad.

To get a step ahead in a competitive world check out the opportunities available for summer internships abroad, take a look online for information and details.