A Valuable Internship in College

Having an internship while still in school has many benefits that students do not realize when they first consider the perks that come from added responsibility. Paying for their classes may be easy for some students, but for others it can be a major pain that puts a great deal of stress on their shoulders and causes them to suffer in their studies. An internship may also allow students to gain an edge on their peers when it comes time for them to enter the job market after graduation.

Having an internship college students learn from and benefit from is obviously the best choice when considering their options. When this same internship is fun and exciting for students, the student finally has something to be excited about. Giving students the chance to learn new life skills that will stay with them for the rest of their life, some internships are just better and more beneficial than others. Many unleash the young ambition that many of these students possess, allowing them to prosper and grow as leaders and as individuals.

When an internship restricts its interns, nobody benefits. The office may get its filing done and the higher ups may have their coffee waiting for them, but the business does not really benefit much at all. Interns will not benefit at all either. With nothing to do but perform mundane and boring tasks, students will grow bored and wish they had opted for a more exciting or engaging internship college. Not only is it boring, but it becomes a waste of time. It may look good on a resume, but it offers no real opportunities for students to take anything away from it.

With nothing to take away, students will quickly discover that it may have been a worthless experience. Performing these mundane tasks, students will find it hard to speak about anything of value when on an interview. The interviewer will usually realize that the student's internship college was nothing more than a resume builder that did not teach them any real skills or give them any experiences they can take with them into the position they are interviewing for. An internship that offers its interns the opportunity to grow as future leaders will give students something to speak about on an interview.

Interviewers are good at determining who is coming from experience and whose internship college has no real value. When speaking about their experiences, students that had positive experiences will show some emotion and get into what they are speaking about. Students with boring internships from which they learned nothing will not get into their stories or explanations of their duties, but will drag and come off as boring and possibility unqualified to the interviewer. Coming from an internship that gave them experience as a leader, students will find that this skill will hold the most value.

Leadership is welcome in any profession. Whether it is a doctor, lawyer, manager, you name it, being a good leader will only help the person's career. Learning leadership in college will help the student get an early start on developing this important skill.